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Rules of GroundZero

Postby Kyle Harrison » Sun Apr 23, 2017 1:40 am

First thing is first. GroundZero is STRICT and REALISTIC Roleplay!

    /me Command - The /me command is to be used to show your actions in a realistic manner, and to Roleplay, for example you MUST use the /me command to show you are drawing a weapon bigger than a normal pistol. Fail to do so will result in FailRP.

    No New Life Rule - New Life Rule means when you are killed, you have lost ALL memory leading up to that point. If you are wanted by the police, you will still be wanted AFTER your death, your wanted status does NOT expire until you are captured or the police stop the search.

    No META Gaming - Meta Gaming is taking In-Character information and telling someone else that information Out-Of-Character over TeamSpeak, Discord or any other social method. This is also Meta Gaming if you find information yourself and use that for yourself. For example, You are playing with a friend, but you are on opposite sides of the map, your friend gets into a shootout but survives. You find this out by Discord and Roleplay that you know about the event without gaining the actual knowledge In-Character about the situation.

    No Power Gaming - Power Gaming is forcing actions or Roleplay upon other players to make yourself have a progressive and have an advantage. For example you go to rob someone else, you use the /me command to rob them and shoot them without them having chance to respond or Roleplay themselves. Another example is if you're hit by a vehicle and downed, you Roleplay that a NPC rung a Ambulance to save your life.

    No Deathmatching - Deathmatching is going out of your way to kill someone, or killing someone just because they killed you. You are not allowed to kill anyone for no reason. You cannot look for the person who previously killed you and kill them for the fun of it. However if its a failed robbery, rival gang member or if they is provoking between one another, as long as the RP is completely legit, killing can occur.

    No Police Baiting - Police Baiting is to intentionally try and get the cops intention from deliberately speeding past him, or to bait him away for your friends to rob a bank, or to ambush them in some sort of way. This is just simply unrealistic and will not be accepted under any circumstances.

    OCC (Out-Of-Character) Chat - Out-Of-Character Chat is to use Discord, Skype or other software to communicate. This is to be kept at a minimum at all times while Roleplaying. If you are unsure about something in-game, then come and find help in the forums or use the Global chat to ask for help if you really need to in-game.

    No Offensive Roleplay - Terrorism, Torture Racism or any remarks along those lines are NOT tolerated, however, you may carry out sexual acts or Roleplay if both people or the people included all agree. If you try and force another player into any of these acts, your account will be permanently banned without hesitation.

    Exploiting Bugs - If you find a bug, you are not under any circumstances to exploit it and use the bug for your own amusement. If you find a bug, please report it right away so we can find the issue and resolve it as soon as possible.

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